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Astro Image Frame Maker 1.3

Add margins, borders, descriptions, watermarks, and more to your photos
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Trevor Boyd

Astro Image Frame Maker is designed to add margins, borders, descriptions, watermarks, and more to your photos. It allows you to configure all parameters related to those elements in a single window, and preview your modified image during the configuration process. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can proceed to save your creation as a separate image file.

As mentioned above, the program consists of a single window where all those possible modifications that you can apply to your images take place. The program is not very self-descriptive, so that it may take you a while to understand its working completely. Basically, all you have to do is open your source image file and start tweaking all the parameters available.

Among them, you can set the width of margins and up to three borders, as well as the colors for the outer, middle and inner margins. Additionally, you can set the font, size, and color of the three texts you can add to your image – a title, a description, and a signature. Furthermore, you can optionally add another image file as a watermark for your main image. You can set its opacity percentage as well as its location inside the main image. Finally, you can set a new size for the source image by typing its new width and height.

Every time you change any of the above-mentioned parameters, you can preview your modified image and check how the change looks. However, you will need to close the preview window to continue working, which certainly becomes pretty annoying after several times. In addition, the program does not support batch processing, so that you can work on one image at a time. Of course, all those setbacks detract from the program’s functionality.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to preview your modified image at any time
  • You can configure all related parameters, such as fonts, sizes, colors, and border widths
  • Allows you to add a watermark to your original image file


  • Its user interface may be hard to understand at first
  • You have to repeat the preview process manually every time you change a parameter
  • Does not support batch processing
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